Why using the Slack action?

With the Slack action anybody in your organisation can send data directly to any preselected Slack Channel. This is useful to quickly share with teammates any updates on current deadlines on vital informations based on data.

What does it look like?

This action will send a Slack message with your Dashboard/Question screenshot or raw data as a file.

Supported formats

Slack integration supports the following formats:

  • PDF

  • PNG

  • CSV

  • JSON

Configuring Slack

Generating a Bot User Token in a Private Slack Action Application

  • In the popup that appears, click on "From an app manifest"

  • Select your Workspace

  • In the code editor that appears, copy paste the following snippet

  name: Whaly Push App
  description: This app will allow Whaly to push data into your Slack workspace.
  org_deploy_enabled: false
  socket_mode_enabled: false
  is_hosted: false
  token_rotation_enabled: false
    display_name: Whaly Push
    always_online: true
      - channels:read
      - users:read
      - files:write
      - groups:read
      - im:read
      - mpim:read
      - chat:write
  • Click on "Create" in the next popup

  • On the page on which you are redirected, click on "Install to Workspace"

  • Click on the left menu into the "Features > Oauth & Permissions" menu item, and from this page, copy the "Bot User OAuth Token" string. This is the token that you'll need to configure on Whaly side ๐ŸŽ‰

Giving access to the proper channels

Now, you have to invite "Whaly Push" user into the Slack channels you which it has access to by posting its name into the proper channels.

In the popup that appear, accept to invite the user into the Channel ๐Ÿค—

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