Create a dimension

In order to view our data, we will create a first dimension. In order to do so, click on the "+ " next to contact in the measure section and click on "add a dimension".

Select an dimension type

When creating a dimension you must select a type. Whaly supports the following type:

  • Standard : to create categories (such as name, color, ...)

  • Geolocation : to create location dimensions based on two columns, latitude and longitude

Select the column(s)

Select the columns you need for your dimension

Give a name and description to your dimension

Finally, you should give a name and a description to your dimension. This is useful to keep your work clean and understandable for the viewers.

Click on save. There you go you have created your dimension.

Don't forget that dimensions are like labels, so they work best when the number of values is relatively low (few dozens rather than few hundreds)

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