Configure a table

In order to configure a table you can click on one. Tables can be in error, when they do so, they are marked in red and a cross mark appears next to the table name. When hovering on the cross mark you can then view the reason of the error and correct it.

Automatic measure creation

When creating a table for a new exploration or when adding related data we prompt you the choice of adding a raw table (without any metrics or dimension) and you can create your own metrics and dimensions, or we will create them for you.

In the case where we create the metrics and dimensions for the newly created table, we will create for each column of type Numeric and is not called id or does not ends with _id create an average and a sum metric of the column, we will also create a count metric for the whole table. For all the other columns we will create a dimension. If your dataset has more than 200 columns we will throw an error.

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