Why syncing my Pipedrive to Whaly?

Syncing your Pipedrive account can be useful for various cases:

  • Understand who your contacts are

  • Analyse your deal pipeline variation on a weekly / monthly basis

  • Check the effect of your marketing campaigns on sales

  • Build Sales Rep performance dashboards to animate your sales team

  • Reconcile your Sales closed amount with the cash that you really collected

  • ...

Which Pipedrive data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly ๐Ÿณ is currently syncing the following data:

  • Person: Persons are your contacts, the customers you are doing Deals with.

  • Deal: Deals represent ongoing, lost or won sales to an Organization or to a Person.

  • Lead: Leads are potential deals stored in Leads Inbox before they are archived or converted to a deal.

  • Pipeline: Represent your sales process(es).

  • Stage: Steps in your pipeline that signify to your sales team that an opportunity is moving toward the point of closing.

  • Deal Stage History: Deal stage history represent the history of each deal progress towards a lost or won sale.

  • Organization: Organizations are companies and other kinds of organizations you are making Deals with.

  • User: Users are people with access to your Pipedrive account.

You can find the relationship between all those objects here.

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