When building your system of permissions, it can get tricky to know what can each of your users view and access or reproduce some access control issues that could block them.

To help Team Owners configure and troubleshoot the access control settings of their Team users, an Impersonate functionality is available in the Access Management settings page of each organisation.

For security reasons, only the Team Owners has access to this Impersonate functionality. Regular Users of the Team can't impersonate each others.

When clicking on the Impersonate button, you are automatically redirected to the Organization picker as if you were the Impersonating user. You have the same level of access that they have and any actions done in their name will be accounted for the Impersonated User.

A message at the top of the screen will remind you at all time that you are not using your own account but rather using the one of the Impersonated User.

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