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Connect your Warehouse

Why connecting your warehouse to Whaly?

In order to use Whaly you have to connect a database that is commonly called a data warehouse. A data warehouse is a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make more informed decisions. Data flows into a data warehouse from transactional systems, relational databases, and other sources, typically on a regular cadence.
Connecting a Whaly to a warehouse ensures:
  • Your data is stored on your own premise and that you control what Whaly has access to
  • Your data is centralized in one database allowing you to "join" multiple sources
  • Your data is observable so you can connect to your own warehouse and see exactly how it is stored

How is the warehouse connection working?

When connecting Whaly to your warehouse, we ensure that the connection to your warehouse is the most secured based on the driver you are using. As of today Whaly supports two drivers, BigQuery and Snowflake.