Recruit CRM

Why syncing my Recruit CRM to Whaly?

Syncing your Recruit CRM can be useful for various cases
  • Understand who your candidates are
  • Report on the performance of your recruiters to be sure that you keep accelerating
  • Build actionable dashboards with the list of Jobs or of Candidates that needs to be act upon
  • ...

Which Recruit CRM data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly 🐳 is currently syncing the following data:
  • Candidate: Candidates are people applying for jobs.
  • Candidate Hiring Stage: Hiring Stage of candidates in a given job.
  • Candidate Stage: Steps in the Candidate pipeline.
  • Collaborator: People working at your company, managing your candidates, jobs and contacts.
  • Company: Company offering jobs.
  • Contact: Contacts belongs to companies that are offering jobs.
  • Contact Stage: Steps in the Sales pipeline.
  • Job: Jobs are employment offers that candidates can apply for and ultimately be hired for.
  • Job Stage: Steps in the Job pipeline.
Last modified 1yr ago