Connect your Databricks

In order to connect your Databricks instance, Whaly needs some credentials. This guide will details the necessary steps:

  1. Getting your SQL Warehouse JDBC URL

  2. Creation of a Personal Token


To connect Databricks to Whaly, you need the following:

  • A Databricks Workspace with SQL support (premium and enterprise plans)

  • A SQL Warehouse

  • Admin rights on the Databricks Workspace

Getting your SQL Warehouse JDBC URL

In order to connect to your Databricks Workspace, Whaly will need a SQL Warehouse and its JDBC URL:

  • Go your Workspace home page

  • In the left panel, select "SQL" to enter the SQL space of your Workspace

  • Once in the SQL space, click on "SQL Warehouses" in the left panel

  • In the SQL Warehouses screen, either create a dedicated Warehouse or select an existing one

  • Once in a Warehouse, click on "Connection details" tab and copy the JDBC URL

Creation of a Personal Token

In order to authenticate on your Databricks Workspace, Whaly needs to have a "Personal Token". In order to create one, please follow this guide.

You can either create a Personal Token on an existing user (simpler way) or create a Service principals and create the Personal Token on it (more secure way but requires doing manual API calls for setup).

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