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Bulk Content Management

Public Report Management

You can view all publicly shared dashboards and questions at a glance and understand if there are any data leakage to cut it directly at the source.
In order to access the public report management go to Settings then Shared Reports. From there you can access all publicly shared reports and quickly delete them or un-share them. This tool is useful to govern what data goes out of your organization and quickly shut it down if it is not supposed to be shared.
Public Shared Reports

Exploration Management

You can access all unused exploration in order to clean your workspace and provide a better experience to your end users. We defined a used exploration as an exploration that is at least used once in a non deleted report (dashboard or question).
In order to access all unused exploration, please go to Settings then Unused Explorations tab. From there you can select all exploration that are not used anymore and delete them safely.
Unused exploration