Why syncing my WooCommerce to Whaly?

Syncing your WooCommerce can be useful for various cases:

  • Track your orders and the Sales of your products

  • Consolidate your eCommerce revenue with your Marketing spent to control your ROI per channel / campaign

  • Understand who are your best customers

  • ...

Which WooCommerce data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly ๐Ÿณ is currently syncing the following data:


  • Customer: A Customer is a person or entity that performs order on your website.


  • Order: An order is performed when a Customer buys something on your website. It contains the information over where the items should be delivered and where it should be billed.

  • Order Line Item: There is a Line Item per purchased product in the order.

  • Order Coupon Line: There is a coupon line per used coupon to get discount on the order.

  • Order Fee Line: There is a fee line per additional fee added to the order.

  • Order Tax Line: There is a tax line per tax added to the order.

  • Order Refund Line: There is a refund line per refund used to make the order.

  • Order Shipping Line: There is a shipping line per additional shipping cost added to the order.

You can find the relationship between all those objects here.

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