Google Sheets

Why using the Google Sheets action?

With the Google Sheets action anybody in your organization can send data directly to any sheets they have access to.

This is useful to export data into Google Sheets for your business users that are very productive in Spreadsheets.

You can also export data in spreadsheet for it to be enhanced and then import it back within Whaly to build your reporting on enhanced data.

What does it look like?

This action is only compatible with Questions.

This action will replace a target sheet to a spreadsheet. If the target spreadsheet/sheet doesn't exist, they will be created.

Configuring Google Sheet action

As an admin all you need to do is install the Google Sheet action in your organization.

Your users will then have to authenticate with their Google Account in order to select where and which spreadsheets they want to create.

Users have the capability to create a new Spreadsheet or use an existing Spreadsheet to populate data into.

This action will create a sheet with the same name as the file name with raw data in it.

It will not erase other sheets in the destination spreadsheet. Therefore, it is safe to add other sheets into the destination spreadsheet if you want to run formulas on top of your exported data.

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