What does it do?

It groups rows that have the same values into one group or bucket, and is used in conjunction with aggregate functions (COUNT, SUM, MIN or MAX) to output additional summary columns.

How to use it ?

On any previously steps available in your editor select a step and click on Group

How to configure it ?

Group on

In the group by form, start by selecting the columns you want to group on. The grouping will be applied as the unique values generated by the selected columns.

Columns not used in the "grouped on" will not be available in the output of this step.

Aggregation (optional)

You can then optionally create as many aggregation as you need. An aggregation takes :

  • An operator (COUNT, SUM, MIN or MAX)

  • A column to perform the aggregation on. The column must be of numerical type.

  • A new column name for the aggregated data you will create.

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