๐Ÿ‘ญUser Groups

User Groups are a set of Users that share the same access over a set of dashboards & questions. Properly defining and creating Groups to match your internal organisational structure is key to build a manageable Access Control setup and make sure that everyone has access only to the proper ressources.

Default User Groups

By default, 2 User Groups are created and automatically managed by Whaly:

  • All Users: This group contains all the users having an access on your Organisation. This group is really handful to give access to "Company wide" dashboards and questions.

  • Admins: This group contains only the users having an admin access on your Organisation. This group will have access by default to all the content created on your Organisation so that they can administrate it properly.

Listing all existing groups

In order to list all the existing User Groups in your Organisation, please go in "Settings > Groups" page. There, you'll see the list of existing User Groups.

  1. You can click here to create a new User Group

  2. You can edit or delete existing User Groups

  3. You can see all the existing User Groups

Creating a group

By clicking on "Create new Group" button, you'll open a screen where you can fill:

a. The name of the created Group

b. The list of the Organisation's Users that you want to add to the Groups

Only Users that have already been invited and that created their account on Whaly will be available in the list. If you wish to add a User that hasn't got access to your Whaly organisation yet, please invite them first.

  1. Give your Group the proper name

  2. Add the relevant users

  3. Save the group

Adding/Remove users in a group

You can click on the `...` icon of any existing Group and select "Edit" to open the screen where you can add or remove any User from an existing group.

  1. Add new Users

  2. Remove existing Users

  3. Save the changes

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