Drills are a way of configuring what should be displayed to the end users when they interact with reports by clicking on charts.

It's a great way to:

  • Allow your viewers to go beyond just a report aggregated data

  • Add more interactivity to the report

Why using drills?

When viewers will start consuming your reports, they will have additional questions.

Why are my sales going up or down?

What are the deals currently in closed won or lost? etc.

To give more flexibility and level of interaction to viewers, you can set up drills in the Workbench that will then be automatically available to all your charts in the reporting section.

How can I configure drills?

In the workbench, at the bottom left corner of your window, click on the "Drills" button

From here you can pick any property you want to be available as a Drill and reorder them the way you want by dragging and dropping them.

Please note that by default drills show the primary key

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