How to explore data

Explore from your workspace

From your workspace tab, you can access all exploration your builders have created for you. In order to access all explorations from your workspace, click on Explore at the top of the Content Selector. Please note that only editor and higher roles have access to explorations.

Exploring from Report

From a question or a dashboard you can hover the tile to click on the three dots and click on the Explore from here menu. This will open the query in exploration mode allowing you to dig deeper into your analysis. Please note that when you are exploring data you are NOT modifying the query of the chart making it safe for your user to explore without breaking anything.

Using explorations

The exploration page is divided into three main panels:

  • The measures panel

  • The visualisation panel

  • The options panel

Measures panel

The measure panel, on the left, contains your data tables, as well as their metrics and dimensions. In this panel, you can see the parent data table at the top level. On the exemple above, we can see that the exploration start from the Order table, and that we have added our order and our customer tables as related data.

We can also see multiple metrics (in blue) and dimensions (in green).

Visualisation panel

The central panel, at the center, is divided into two groups:

  • First is the query builder, where you use metrics and dimensions in order to ask a question about your data.

  • Then, under the "run query" button, you can see the actual visualisation which is the graphical representation of your query as defined in the query builder.

Options panel

The options panel contains all styling options related to your current chart, for example you can show or hide labels, customise your series names and colors, ...

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