Why syncing my Brex to Whaly?

Syncing your Brex data can be useful for various cases:

  • Track the budget of your Team

  • Report to your stakeholders (investors, ....) the amount on your Bank Account

  • ....

Which Brex data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly ๐Ÿณ is currently syncing the following data:

  • Card: Cards are Brex credit card, either physical or virtual that can be used to make payments.

  • Card Account: Card Accounts are accounts that are used to track the transactions done using Cards.

  • Card Transaction: Card Transactions are transactions done using Cards.

  • Cash Account: Cash Account are used to can be used to deposit funds for various reasons including, for example, different categories of spending.

  • Cash Transaction: Cash Transactions are transactions done on Cash Accounts.

  • User: Users are Brex credit users.

You can find the relationship between all those objects here.

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