Create a Metric

To create a metric, simply click on the + sign next to the table name in the measure panel of the exploration screen, and click on add a metric. This will open the metric creation screen.

Select an aggregation type

When creating a metric you must select an operation and a column to perform the aggregation on. Whaly supports the following aggregations:

You can also add a filter to your metric in order precisely defined which lines should be included/excluded from your metric (for example, you could set a filter to product_type equals vegetable to only count products that are vegetables)

Format your metric

The next step will ask you to select a format for your metric. You can set a custom prefix or suffit (useful for currency, weight, ...), or you can take things a step further by using the custom format feature.

Give a name and description to your metric

Finally, you should give a name and a description to your metric. This is useful to keep your work clean and understandable for the viewers.

Add drill down

You can also add a way for your user to explore further than the chart by adding drill down on your metric, please check the following section:

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