Retention chart

Retention chart are a great way to visualize cohorts

Chart usage

You must select two metrics to use the retention chart :

  • The first metric is the cohort value, for example the retained users

  • The second metric is the cohort size, for example the total number of users in a cohort

You should also select two dimensions to use the retention chart :

  • The first dimension is the cohort label, this will be placed vertically

  • The second dimension is the step in the cohort, the will be placed as a column

In order to have ordered dimensions you should provide alphabetically ordereable dimension values, for example :

Cohort labels:

2024-01, 2024-02, 2024-03, 2024-04, ...

Cohort steps:

Month 00, Month 01, Month 02, Month 03, ...

Chart characteristics

  • Number of metrics : 2

  • Number of dimensions : 2

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