Why syncing my Aircall to Whaly?

Syncing your Aircall can be useful for various cases

  • Analyse when customers are phoning you

  • Measure your response rate

  • Report on your team performance and make sure that you get to your calls objectives

  • Identify any outliers (high call duration, low number of calls, ....) to better train and support your team members

  • ....

Which Aircall data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly ๐Ÿณ is currently syncing the following data:

  • Calls: Calls are an essential part of how Aircall users interact with the product. Our mission is to give real-time insights to make the call experience as delightful as possible!

  • Number: Users (Admins) can buy Numbers from the Dashboard. They can then update the call distribution order, upload custom Music & Messages, enable or disable call recording...

  • User: Users can be either Admins or Agents. They are the people working in your business to receive or make calls. They are associated to Numbers.

  • Contact: Contacts are a core part of Aircall experience. Every time Agents are on a call, Aircall fetches their contact information from different sources.

You can find the relationship between all those objects here.

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