๐Ÿ”‘Manage Access to your organisation

You can manage who has access to your org by going to the settings page and then to the access management page

On the access management page you can view all the users that have access to your org including Whaly Staff user that have access to your org for support purposes.

You can differentiate Whaly support team from your users by the Whaly support team tag as you can see above.

Note that you won't be billed for the Whaly support team user access as we assign them a viewer licence which are forever free.

Granting access to your org

You can grant access to anybody in your org by simply inviting them. In order to do so you can click on the invite button and fill the form to invite your user.

When inviting a user you are asked to select a user role for your invited user. In order to understand what each role can do on the platform and how they are correlated to licensing you can check those articles.

โ“pageUnderstanding Licences๐Ÿ‘ฎpageUnderstanding User Roles

Once this is done you'll see the invite appear in the access view.

If your user has not received the invitation email you can check in their spam folder or send them directly the link to the invitation by clicking on the three dots and then Copy invite link. You can also revoke the invitation if needed.

Once a user has accepted your invitation they will appear in the list as a regular user.

Changing access to your org

You can remove Whaly support team from your org so your keep things more private

You can remove at any time any users from your org by simply clicking on the three little dot next to a user that has accepted the invitation. From there you can either delete the user from your org or change it's user role.

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