Activate the Persistence Engine

In order to activate the Persistence Engine, you have to go to the Settings panel. Once there, open the "Storage > Persistence Engine screen".

You should have access to this screen:

From there, you can:

  • Activate or disable the Persistence Engine

  • Set the schedule period of the Materialization job

  • Set the default database and schema the models will be written to in your Warehouse

Once you're done, click on "Save" at the top right.

Configure a Model materialization configuration

For each model that you want to materialize, go into the Workbench and then click on the Model name. Then go into the "Information" panel.

From there, you'll see the Materialization section that will show you the current configuration for this model:

By clicking on the "Materialize" button, you'll be able the update the configuration:

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