Why using the Sendgrid action?

With the Sendgrid action anybody in your organisation can send data directly via email.

This is useful to quickly share with teammates any updates on current deadlines on vital informations based on data.

The Sendgrid integration allows you to own the email provider used to send emails. If you don't want to use sendgrid, you can also used the Whaly Email service that is configured by default on your workspace.

What does it look like?

This action will send a screenshot of your dashboard/question as an email attachment to who ever you want while using your Sendgrid account.

Supported formats

Slack integration supports the following formats:

  • PDF

  • PNG

Configuring Sendgrid

In order to configure the Sendgrid action, you need to get a Sendgrid API key.

In order to get a sendgrid API Token, please follow this documentation. Whaly needs an api key with permission to send emails.

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