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Explorations Section

What is an Exploration Section?

An exploration section helps you organize exploration in a comprehensive way that makes sense for your company. By default, your organization has two sections:
  • General Where exploration that are live are stored, this is visible by any users who have access to explorations
  • 🛠️
    Work in Progress Where you can store exploration that are not live yet, only builders and more view exploration stored here

Create a section

in order to create an exploration section, click on Explore, then click on the + button and then on New Section.
Create an exploration
You can give your section a name and an icon.

Move a section

You can move sections around to change your company explorations structure, this will update to all users in real time.
Move a section

Update / Delete a section

By clicking on the three dots next to a section's name you can update or delete a section.
editing a section
Update / delete a section
You can't delete a section with exploration in it. You need to move them or delete them before hands.