๐Ÿง™Source monitoring

Whaly allow you to monitor your sources. This starts on your workspace where you can switch from your content to the source monitoring by clicking on the Source menu.

Source Execution

Triggering a sync

Although you can manage the frequency at which you want your sync to happen, you can trigger a sync whenever you need it. To change you schedule you can click on Settings and change the Sync Frequency.

In order to trigger a sync, go to the Overview menu and click on Sync Now. You can't trigger a sync if your source is already syncing. From the Overview menu you can also view when the next sync is scheduled for.

Error and Alerting

A source can be in error when we deal with issues of connectivity of if something goes wrong during the replication process, we flag the source in ERROR. By doing so we alert all Admin Builders in your organisation in real time with the cause of the error so they can troubleshoot the integration. When your source is in error you can find an error warning on the main screen as well as next to the source and you can view your error in the user interface.

Execution log

In order for you to troubleshoot your execution, we provide you with the full log of what happened during the sync. Those logs are available for 30 days after the creation date of the execution. In order to check the logs you can click on the log button next to the execution to view the full logs.

Selective sync

In order to speed up your syncs you can select which tables you want to sync and how. In order to do so you can click on the Selective sync tab and when you are done editing you can click on Save.

In order to better understand which table is taking the most time you can browser the Usage tab that will give you the amount of time it takes to replicate each tables.

Modifying your source settings

You can modify at any time how your source is configured. Please note that only Admin Builder have the right to do so. In order to do it, you can open the Settings tab and modify one by one your source connection properties.

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