Why syncing my Salesforce data to Whaly?

Syncing your Salesforce can be useful for various use cases:
  • Understand who your leads are
  • Analyse sales velocity & performance
  • Analyse the variation around your Opportunities
  • Understand your core metrics such as Annual Contract Value, or even Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • ...

Which Salesforce data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly 🐳 is currently syncing the following data:
  • Account
  • AccountContactRole
  • Contact
  • Opportunity
  • OpportunityContactRole
  • OpportunityCompetitor
  • OpportunityStage
  • Partner
  • PartnerRole
  • Lead
  • LeadStatus
  • CampaignMember
  • Campaign
  • Order
  • User
  • Contract
Please contact your Customer Success Representative or open a ticket to the support if you need other tables.


Make sure that your user account has rights for all the aforementioned objects
Start by clicking on the salesforce icon. You should be redirected to the salesforce login page.
Salesforce login page
Make sure that you login with the proper credentials. One best practice is to create a user dedicated for the salesforce sync, so that you can remove access to this user whenever is needed.
After logging in, you will be redirected to Whaly and the data will start syncing.
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