Why syncing my Hubspot to Whaly?

Syncing your Hubspot can be useful for various cases
  • Understand who your contacts are
  • Analyse your deal pipeline variation on a weekly / monthly basis
  • Analyse the number of deals variation on a weekly / monthly basis
  • ...

Which Hubspot data is synced by Whaly?

Whaly 🐳 is currently syncing the following data:


  • Contact: Anyone who interacts with your business.
  • Company: Organizations that you interact with.
  • Deal: Tracks potential revenue.
  • Deal Pipeline: Represent your sales process(es).
  • Deal Pipeline Stage: Steps in your pipeline that signify to your sales team that an opportunity is moving toward the point of closing.
  • Deal Stage History: Tracks the history of Deal Stage changes, for each Deal.
  • Owner: HubSpot users that can own things (contacts, deals, tickets, ...).
  • Deal x Contact Association: Associate Deals with their related Contacts.
  • Deal x Company Association: Associate Deals with their related Companies.
  • Engagement: An engagement is an action (an email, call, meeting, task or note) attached to a Deal, Contact and Company.
  • Engagement x Contact Association: Link Contacts and associated Engagement.
  • Engagement x Company Association: Link Companies and associated Engagement.
  • Engagement x Deal Association: Link Deals and associated Engagement.


  • Form: Use forms to gather important information about your visitors and contacts.
  • Contact Form Submission: All the form submissions done by your contacts.


  • Ticket: Your customer service requests.
  • Deal x Ticket Association: Associate Deals with their related Tickets.
  • Contact x Ticket Association: Associate Contacts with their related Tickets.
  • Ticket x Company Association: Associate Ticket with their related Companies.


Granting Hubspot data access to Whaly is done through an OAuth authentication process. The Super Admin of your Hubspot account must give your user the access to App Marketplace integration:
Step 1 - Have your Super User giving your user the rights to integrate with App Marketplace (Done by the account Super User) - Note : if you already are a Super User jump to this section
1- Go to Settings
2- Click on User & teams at the bottom left of your window
3- Select the user on which you want to grant App Marketplace rights
4- Click on "More" and "Account"
5- Turn the App Marketplace access to on
6- Click on "Save"
Step 2 - Add Hubspot as a source (Done by the Whaly end user)
In Whaly, your user can now access Hubspot :
1. Click on your sources catalog on the bottom left menu of your window
2. Select Hubspot + Connect
3. You will have to briefly connect to your Hubspot account and accept authentification
4. Back to Whaly you need to click on "Continue"
Your data source is now set-up, congrats
. You can see the initial loading and the data updates in the "Sources" menu on the left hand side
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