Google Analytics

Why syncing my Google Analytics to Whaly?

Syncing your Google Analytics can be useful for various cases:
    Consolidate your Google Analytics performance with your others data sources (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)
    Track the origin of your traffic (Referral, Paid search, ...)
    Measure the conversion rate of your website
    Monitor the performance of your website/app
    Provide an access on the Google Analytics performance to stakeholders (colleagues, partners, investors) without giving them access to the Google Analytics console

Which Google Analytics data is synced by Whaly?

โ€‹Whaly ๐Ÿณ is currently syncing the following data:


    Account: An Analytics account is a way to name and organize how you track one or more properties (e.g. websites, mobile apps, point-of-sale devices) using Analytics.
    Property: A property is a website, mobile application, or device (e.g. a kiosk or point-of-sale device.)
    Profile: The view for an Analytics Account is the gateway to the reports: it determines which data from your property appears in the reports.


    Audience Overview: Give you an overview of when your traffic is visiting your site, how many pages they read and how long they stay.
    Ecommerce Overview: Find out what is your ecommerce performance (revenue, etc.).
    Ecommerce - Product: Find out what is your ecommerce performance (revenue, etc.).
    Load Performance: Give you an overview of your site/app loading performance.
    Page: Give you an overview of how your website pages are performing.
    Traffic origin: Find out how your users are getting on your site/app.
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