Why syncing my MongoDb to Whaly?

Syncing your MongoDb can be useful for various cases
  • Share your product usage with your support and customer success team
  • Combine MongoDb data with your CRM data to detect churn or upsells
  • ....


  1. 1.
    MongoDB database versions 2.6+ or above
  2. 2.
    MongoDB Atlas database versions 4.0+
  3. 3.
    Allow connections from Whaly to your Postgres database by whitelisting Whaly IPs

Configuring the source

The MongoDb connector will need the following information:
  • Host: This should be a URL pointing to your MongoDB server
  • Database name: The name of the database to be synced. In a MongoDB server, there can be multiple databases, depending on your setup. If you want to replicate multiple databases, you'll have to create one connector per database.
  • Replication method: When multiple replication method are available, you should select here the type of replication that you want to use. Supported methods are: "FULL_TABLE" and "OPLOG_BASED"
Please note that the user we use to connect to your mongo instance will need to have access to the local database in order to read the oplog.

What is being synced

We sync the content of your collections. As MongoDb is Document based database we then pack each document in your collection in the following format:
key - STRING
value - JSON
Your document ID
a JSON representation of your document