MariaDB / MySQL

Why syncing my MariaDB / MySQL to Whaly?

Syncing your MariaDB / MySQL can be useful for various cases

  • Share your product usage with your support and customer success team

  • Combine MariaDB / MySQL data with your CRM data to detect churn or upsells

  • ....


  1. Allow connections from Whaly to your MariaDB / MySQL database by whitelisting Whaly IPs

Configuring the source

The MariaDB / MySQL connector will need the following information:

  • Host: This should be an IP address or an URL pointing to your MariaDB / MySQL server

  • Port: This should be the Port of your MariaDB / MySQL, Default to 3306.

  • User: This should be the username of a read only MariaDB / MySQL user with read access.

  • Password: The password associated with the user

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