Connect your Sources

Why syncing my sources to Whaly?

Syncing your data sources can be useful for several reasons
  • One cannot improve what one cannot measure
  • Centralise data to obtain one source of truth for your operations
  • Be able to measure metrics and efficiency from more than one tool
  • Analyse your business processes and operations as funnel across different functions / sources
  • Automate data ingestion, transformation and reports
  • Align your teams performance and achievements

How sources are working?

When connecting a source to Whaly, you'll pass your credentials to Whaly through a form or a login flow.
Once the credentials passed to Whaly, the connector will go to 3 stages:
  • Authentication: We'll make sure that the credentials you passed are valid and that we can connect to your Data source
  • Initial load: We'll sync all the historical data of your Data source. Depending on the volume of data, it can take less than 1 min or some hours.
  • Running: Every hour, the connector will sync the changes done during the last hour