Data Freshness
In order to keep Dashboards and Questions running fast, Whaly is caching their results in a low latency database for subsequent loads.
This is both useful for the BI consumers that can have quickly access for the numbers without waiting and for your Data Warehouse bill as this reduce your querying cost.
However, in order to get access of the latest version of the data, Whaly is continuously scanning your raw tables to identify any change on the data.
This is done by querying the _whaly_synced column of any table used in an Exploration. Every 10 minutes, Whaly query the MAX(_whaly_synced) on each table and if there is a change in the value, it invalidate all the cached results to trigger new queries when loading Reports.
Hence, please add a _whaly_synced column in your models to get the best data freshness possible.
All the tables loaded by Whaly connectors are including this column by default so when using directly the output of a Whaly connector, everything is already setup!
By clicking on the refresh 🔁 icon of the dashboard and question, the cache is invalidated instantly, queries are being run on your data warehouse and your results are up to date!
So if you have a doubt on the freshness of a chart, don't hesitate to refresh it!
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