Google Data Studio


Google Data Studio is a data visualisation tool developed by Google. It is free and included in your Google Suite (or Gmail account), making it a good starting point for your first data visualisation and build reporting projects.

Why build reports with Whaly and Google Data Studio?

Creating and automating reporting is long, repetitive and a waste of time.
You always need reporting for
  1. 1.
    Measure whether you reached your business objectives
  2. 2.
    Turn data into actionable insights
  3. 3.
    Aligne everyone around business performance and decisions
Therefore, to create report on a periodic basis, you will
  • Prepare and format your data so it is always ready for a business analysis
  • Check if the data is correct between your source tool and analysis
  • Adjust filters, views and timelines depending on who you build your report / analysis for?
  • Etc.
With Whaly connector to both your source tool and Google Data Studio, you will have your hands free on building reports in minutes. Your data will always be prepared and accessible in the right format in Google Data Studio and your reporting will always delight your audience.
First, let's see how to use set-up the Whaly on your Google Data Studio.